Benefits of a Marriage Retreat

Green Flash Adventures is looking to help you improve your relationship as well as your life.  We want to help you get the well-deserved time away from your busy life and focus on the things that truly matter.  With quality time, adventures, and daily scripture readings we pray that you benefit from your retreat for years to come and make memories that will last a life time.


Green Flash Adventures wants to be sure that by the end of your journey with us, you leave with your relationship much stronger and tightly bound than when you came.  It is important to us that you take the time and devote it wholeheartedly to one another. 


Whether you are able to use your downtime to communicate, take a stroll down memory lane or just laugh a little more often, we encourage you to make the best out of this journey and let it be a defining moment in your marriage.

Keeping God as the Focus

Your relationship with God within a marriage is like a triangle.  God is the top point of the triangle, and you and your partner are the two bottom points.  All this to say, God is what brings you together and holds you together, being the key to any successful relationship.  Green Flash Adventures is committed to making sure your relationship with God benefits from our daily scripture readings and prayer. 


You will have the opportunity to explore His beautiful creation by taking hikes, visiting national parks, or simply relaxing and taking in the view.  Our faith based program is sure to provide you with tools you need to take home with you to ensure your marriage never puts God on the back burner.

Renewal & Relaxation

We all know two halves make a whole.  When one partner is not at their best it's hard to maintain a healthy marriage as a whole.  While our focus is to strengthen your relationship, we also encourage personal renewal and relaxation.

We all want to be our personal best, not only for ourselves but for our partner.  By taking this time to unwind and refresh, you will be ready to be in-tune and take all the necessary steps to bettering your marriage for the future.

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