A healthy marriage takes work and Green Flash Adventures is one way to set aside time to focus on and improve your marriage using tools that matter the most.


God designed marriage as a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman for their mutual joy, the good of society, and the procreation of children.  When we put God as the focal point of our marriage, we are promising to love and care for one another while creating a firm everlasting foundation for a healthy marriage.

God First

Romantic Sunset

Quality time with the one you love is important in every relationship.  While this may seem obvious, it's these times of deeper connection that will sustain you during the lean times. Finding moments for quality connections in our busy lives can be difficult, we hope to give you the quality time you deserve to recharge your relationship.

Quality Time


Sometimes we lose sight of the more simple components of maintaining a healthy relationship, such as communication.  Expressing feelings, needs, and expectations are essential when it comes to resolving conflict and even when it comes to intimacy.  The quality time found with Green Flash Adventures gives you the opportunity to communicate freely with your partner.